We believe in the power of business to transform lives and our partners do too. Our Artisan Partners are alleviating poverty through job creation and transformational ventures. We work with small social enterprises to help them grow by providing access to larger markets through Direct Trade. Beyond this crucial access, we provide free consulting services as well. Our consulting services help these businesses grow sales, transition industries, deepen impact and much more.

Through Direct Trade in the USA as well, our Society of Stylists complete the commerce cycle by partnering with these artisans through business. Hazel & Deene provides the opportunity for women to combine their heart for doing good with a mind for doing good and create sustainable change.


We bring together tried and true development theories that focus on business development as the anchor to fighting poverty and its symptoms.


We target Small and Medium Scale Enterprises because they have the potential to scale, employ more people and influence the surrounding community and culture.


Instead of entering a new community and identifying the needs and gaps, we begin by asking what a community or business has to offer. We build on their strengths.


Our business consultants have years of expertise and wisdom. However, during site visits they simply facilitate conversations with local business owners. By coming alongside and learning together, internal solutions are supported by external expertise.


While we provide basic frameworks for strategy and principles for engagement, local leadership drives the strategy and operations of local ventures.


We train entrepreneurs to get to market as quickly as possible. By minimizing startup capital and focusing on the core strategies for success, we encourage lean companies that expand as the market validates their plan and efforts.


Doing business in different countries and cultures requires not only an understanding of intercultural communication, but a deep understanding of local markets, economies and business practices.


We look to always introduce new technology for sustainable growth and we pair this technology with an increase in human capital.


Working closely with nonprofits and businesses, we keep governance structures, financial management and leadership separate from one another, but partner through strategic overlap.

Direct Trade

We purchase our products directly from the businesses on the ground. This method of buying through Direct Trade is a growing trend that is accelerated by technology and social awareness.

Direct Trade allows us to connect with social enterprises, heritage craftsmen, fair trade businesses and many more who are impacting communities.



Provide business support

Encourage product development

Reduce costs by removing middlemen

Pay more directly to the producers

Increase transparency

Create transformative relationships

Guarantee impact

Pursue sustainability


Our products stand for dignity, purpose and community; they are pursuits of providing hope through business and act as a bridge between here and there.

The Certified Hope seal of approval is an extensive process that guarantees our partner’s impact and good in the following ways:


Provide gainful employment and fair wages
Contribute to the local economy through direct trade


Preserve cultural skills and crafts
Address social issues caused by poverty


Promote long-term relationships with artisans
Value persons regardless of ethnicity, race or religion


Source sustainable and local resources
Reduce impact and develop green processes


Find out more about our Impact model

We bring dignity, honor and respect to our Partner Artisans. They are incredible craftsmen who take great pride in their work and are employed by a business that is impacting a community. This business is the focus of our work and effort; therefore, we do not focus on the individual artisans unless appropriate.

Hazel & Deene, we believe that selling a story will do more harm than good in the long run. For a social enterprise to succeed long term and achieve desired impact, it must find a niche and grow a business that will be successful independent of its mission and purpose.

Our Stylists are knowledgeable and well versed about our Partner Artisans. To find out more specifics about how the products and the businesses behind their creation, please contact a Stylist. In addition, each product page has a section that shows how it is making an impact in the local community.

In developing economies, labor is the most plentiful resource available. Also, many of these economies boast heritage trades that are passed on throughout the generations. We focus on hand crafted products because it is an entry point to alleviate poverty and elevate families above sustenance. It is our goal to help handicraft businesses find sustainability and scalability. Sometimes this success is actually helping a business to transition outside of the export industry.

If you know of a great business with high quality products that would benefit from a marketplace, we want to know them too! Please email to learn more.

We design in partnership with our Artisans to maintain cultural uniqueness and celebrate their creativity!

None! We purchase our products outright so that our Artisan Partners’ profitability is not dependent upon our ability to sell!

Sustainability and scalability are always our goals for our partners. By focusing on the small and medium scale businesses, we are helping to create jobs and provide structures necessary for success that simply are not in place for individual artisans.

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