Where Style & Grace Meet

We believe that style and substance are not mutually exclusive. Hazel, the style maven who carries herself with memorable poise, is a tribute to our Founder’s elegant grandma who taught women how to live well styled lives that positively impacted others. Deene, the world changer who is passionate about caring for others, is a traditional French name meaning hope.

Together, Hazel & Deene is where style and grace meet.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.“



Every Hazel & Deene Collection is hand crafted by Artisans.


In collaboration with our Artisans, we create custom designs suited for your unique style.


Impact purchases shouldn’t be pity purchases. Our products are high quality and our satisfaction guarantee ensures you will be happy.


With Hazel & Deene, you can live a well styled life that gives back every single day.


Our Society is full of like minded women who are creating income and impact through their entrepreneurial pursuits.


We are rewriting the book on how to do good. Beyond charity, our business model supports community transformation.

Style. Not Sympathy.

We believe that social enterprises should be successful independent of their mission. If products sell solely because of story, more harm than good is done. We are leading the way to change perceptions about conscious commerce.

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